Welcome to Mombo, the premier luxury safari camp located in the heart of one of the most incredible wildlife experiences on the planet—the Okavango Delta.

This exquisite locale offers so much more than mere game viewing—Mombo boasts unparalleled luxury and exceptional style combined with flawless hospitality and dedicated service for which Botswana is renowned. So come experience some of the best big cat sightings in Africa alongside sprawling open plains, swaying palms islands, and lily-covered lagoons as far as the eye can see. From its chic sustainability ethos to a canvas of unspoiled African beauty, revel in your own private getaway at Mombo Camp where you’ll find a perfect balance between luxury and authenticity while enjoying everything this remarkable destination has to offer.

Wake up to an elephant silently ambling by your deck. Thrill to a lion hunt on the floodplain. Spot a rare Pel’s fishing-owl or an endangered wattled crane. With over 45,000 hectares of exclusive private wilderness to explore, each day at Wilderness Mombo surprises and delights.


Mombo boasts spacious wood and canvas suites with sweeping views, offering an ideal vantage point for game viewing. From sprightly zebra and antelope to potentially dangerous lions and cheetahs, experience unforgettable wildlife up close in one of the world’s most pristine natural settings. Emerging from the shadows of mammoth Acacias trees or drinking from distant watering holes, take in all that nature has to offer from your suite balcony. For families and friends looking for a unique getaway steeped in adventure and serenity, Mombo provides lasting memories that will last a lifetime.


Meals at Mombo are designed with conservation in mind, with healthy, delicious recipes that tread lightly on the Earth. Here, at this authentically African safari camp, we celebrate indigenous heritage ingredients and heirloom produce. Chief among these is the iconic baobab, whose natural superfood powder provides an array of health benefits.


Something to fascinate every age and interest. Open up a whole new realm of adventure with Wilderness. Watch a flurry of avian activity unfold as you take to Africa’s waterways by boat. Go in search of creatures, big and small, on a game drive or walking safari. Track rhinos, or desert-adapted lions in a sea of sand. Learn about other cultures and ancient lifestyles. Gaze in awe at historic sites and some of the world’s greatest wonders.

Our unique experiences: Safari vehicles are being refuelled. Delicious bush brunches are being baked. Star-Beds are being prepared. The people of Wilderness are ready to welcome you. Travelling is not only about the places you visit or the things you’ll see, it’s about making memories and experiencing something you’ve never done before. Whatever that is, we’re ready for you.

  • Game drive – A twice-daily, thrilling safari staple

Gear up for thrilling game drives on a safari with Wilderness. A wildlife sighting is always unpredictable and that’s what makes a game drive so exciting. Look out for tracks. Listening for alarm calls and be on the alert for nearby predators. There’s so much to see, and being the first to spot something brings a whole new level of satisfaction to your day.

Enter the habitats and homes of magnificent wild animals. Staying respectful of their space and keeping you safe is our top priority. Game drives allow you to enjoy nature while still being comfortable and camera-ready. The curious among us will discover endless opportunities to learn about nature in its purest form, with our expert guides on hand to share their knowledge and passion with you.

  • Helicopter – Take to the skies on an aerial safari.

Soar above the lush and wildlife-rich Linyanti and Okavango Delta on a breath-taking helicopter safari. Perspective is everything. And as you take off and climb you can truly appreciate the enormity of the landscape below. And the pristine, filter-free beauty that still exists on Earth. It will inspire the storyteller in you, as you share a bird’s-eye view and become a natural witness to the perfect give-and-take balance of nature below.

  • Get ready for a wild night

Ditch the conventional four walls and choose to sleep out under the stars, whether on the rooftop of your suite in Namibia or at one of our Star Beds in Botswana. Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the night, a jackal’s cry in the distance, or the gentle rumbling of elephants. See if you can count how many thousands of stars you can see in the clear night sky.

Romance and seclusion await with our sleep out safari experiences. Fall asleep on a raised platform enveloped by the magnificent African night sky. The sky is the darkest you’ve ever seen, and yet, it’s also the brightest. Who knew there were so many stars. The only sounds are those calls of the creatures of the night. Listen carefully for the whooping of a hyena or the roar of a far-off lion. Wake up to watch the sunrise and look out for other early risers.