Welcome to Reunion Island – a paradise located in the Indian Ocean where the volcanic landscapes paint a vivid backdrop to unending miles of stunning beaches. Home to an active volcano and extinct peak, Reunion Island has been created by Mother Nature’s most powerful forces over several million years. On Reunion Island you can witness an abundance of wildlife as you explore the three Cirques of Mafate, Salazie, and Cilaos. Soak up the sun on the pristine beaches that line the island’s coast or explore its vibrant culture in nearby villages. Whether you’re looking for serenity or adventure, you’ll find it here on this captivating island – the perfect destination for any nostalgic getaway.

Revered by nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Réunion Island – off the east coast of Madagascar – was formed from a unique blend of the ocean, the air and the tectonic forces of earth. From its pristine white-sand beaches to undulating mountain terrain and untouched rainforest, this paradise offers some of the world’s most spectacular natural beauty. Known for its gargantuan “cirques” – or natural amphitheatres – steep slopes carved by raging rivers, craggy peaks and ripe vegetation, a visit here is an unforgettable experience. Come explore this incredible island filled with adventure and surprises at every turn.

Reunion Island is a magical paradise, filled with vibrant culture and natural beauty. On the island you will find abrupt mountainous terrain, lush green vegetation, and cascading waterfalls. The highest peak on Reunion is Piton des Neiges, an impressive volcanic mountain that has been standing strong for thousands of years. Experience the power of nature as you take to the skies during a helicopter or microlite tour over Reunion. Soar above these dramatic landscapes and take in stunning views of this unique geographical identity. For those looking for an adventure, challenge yourself by taking a two-day climb to reach the summit of Piton des Neiges and watch the sun rise over Reunion from its highest point – an experience you will never forget!



• Whale and dolphin watching
• Take a sip of the local dodo beer
• Taste the poulet bitume
• Reunion Island’s volcano Le Piton de la Fournaise
• Natural History Museum
• Wander through the Saint-Paul’s market
• Creole food
• Tour of La Saga du Rhum museum
• Musée de Villèle
• Most incredible scenery
• world’s most active volcanoes
• Hike in the cirques