I recently have the priviledge to visit the Matopos National Park.  It stirred emotoins I haven’t felt in years. Truly a breaktaking experience. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and ancient spirit of Africa at Matobo Safari Lodge. Nestled into a sheltered corner of Zimbabwe’s oldest national park, we offer an exclusive refuge for travelers seeking a connection to the land, its people and its culture. Amalinda Lodge is embraced by the breathtaking domes and kopjes – legendary rock formations that tell stories of history, resilience and tradition. As you explore our lands, you’ll be left in awe of the picturesque scenery and abundant wildlife. Throughout your stay at Matobo Safari Lodge, we invite you to immerse yourself in African luxury living where you can recharge with peace, tranquility and unique allure. Famous for its healthy population of endangered rhino, the area is one of the most sought after destinations within Zimbabwe.

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Set among the majestic landscapes of Matopos Hills in Zimbabwe, Amalinda Private Villa offers an unforgettable experience. For more than two thousand years, these rolling hills have been known as home to the Bushmen and now you can too. A tranquil escape from reality, Amalinda Private Villa has welcomed guests for over 26 years. Experience true family hospitality thanks to hosts the Steads and immerse yourself in a wilderness of granite surrounded by wildlife like never before. Sample some of the finest cuisine that Zimbabwe has to offer or just simply sit back, relax and soak up the incredible atmosphere of Africa’s untouched beauty. A family-friendly getaway like no other – come relax and reconnect with nature at Amalinda Private Villa.

The Homestead

Two thousand years ago, the Bushmen called Matopos their home. Now you can too. For 26 years, the Stead Family have shared their beautiful family home in quiet harmony with furry and feathered residents of Matopos. The only noise pollution being that of their children’s laughter bouncing off the rocks. The Steads would now like to share their idyllic lifestyle with you and your family. Unfenced and untamed – this is your private wilderness of granite. A wonderful opportunity to disconnect from reality and reconnect with family and nature.

The Amalinda Home-Stead is situated on the Camp Amalinda Concession only 45 kilometres from Bulawayo. Spacious and comfortably furnished, The Amalinda Home-Stead is completely equipped for your family’s every need.

  • Featuring a Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and private deck
  • 2 additional bedrooms,outside decks and sliding doors
  • Separate bathroom, shower and toilet
  • Open plan dining room and sunken lounge, beautifully lit with glass chandeliers and encompassed with an outside wooden deck Ample parking under sprawling shady trees
  • Access to and full use of the Amalinda pool Private Guide and Game Drive Vehicle Host/Hostess
  • Chef
  • Option of meals at the Main Lodge at an additional cost (please note pre-booking is required)
  • Activities including guided walks and game drives are available

Suite 9 – Lobengula Suite
The Lobengula Suite is elevated amongst the granite boulders & situated behind the main area and library. There are 90 steps up to Suite 9 so would be most suitable for those guests that don’t mind a little uneven terrain. The suite consists of an ensuite bathroom with toilet, shower, outside shower, his & hers rock basins, tea & coffee stations, a lounge area, fan, mosquito net, mosquito coils, open wardrobe, private outside deck, king-size bed (suitable for extra tall guests), hairdryers & electric blankets. P

Room 3 – Family Room
A Standard Family room on the ground level of Camp Amalinda and still incorporates some of the granite structures. There are no stairs to Room 3 and it is an open plan bedroom, lounge & bathroom area with 2 double beds. The ensuite bathroom consists of a shower & bath, toilet and single rock basin. If required, there is space for an extra single bed in the family room. Amenities include tea & coffee stations, fan, mosquito nets, mosquito coils, open wardrobe, private outside veranda, hair dryers & electric blankets.

Suite 10 – Cecil John Rhodes Suite
The Cecil John Rhodes Suite is the most secluded lodge, elevated to the back of the main area and behind Suite 8. There are 36 steps up to the room so would be most suitable for those guests that don’t mind a little uneven terrain. The suite consists of an ensuite bathroom with toilet, his & hers showers, outside bath, rock basin, tea & coffee stations, a lounge area, fan, mosquito net, mosquito coils, open wardrobe, king-size bed, hairdryers & electric blankets. This suite boasts a swing bridge leading out to a private viewing sala overlooking the waterhole.

Room 1
Situated on ground level at the foothills of an original San Bushmen settlement, this tastefully furnished twin room, with a secluded outside deck looking towards the infinity pool and distant Matobo Hills, includes a large en-suite bathroom and shower with a dressing room. The perfect room for siblings, friends sharing or those not keen on stairs, Room 1 offers a perfect private getaway in luxury surroundings.

Room 2
Another beautifully hidden and private room slightly elevated amongst the granite outcrops, Room 2 offers a large double bed, perfect for couples on a romantic getaway or single travellers looking for a private escape in the wilderness. As one of our smaller rooms, and having been described as “cosy”, this homely space suits as an ideal home away from home for travellers. The en-suite bathroom with shower and the small private deck add to the pleasant, comfortable atmosphere and design.

Room 4
Guests can enjoy an open plan room, ideal for families or close friends, with space to roam and mingle. Boasting 2 double beds, as well as en-suite bathroom, guests are provided comfort and luxury in a unique natural setting. This room is on ground level, allowing ease of access to the room, as well as the abundant surrounding wildlife on offer. An ideal escape hidden amongst the granite walls of the Matobo Hills.

Room 5
Room 5 is our largest room on offer, with lots of space to lounge and relax, containing 2 comfortable double beds, as well as an en-suite bathroom equipped with a sunken bath and open shower. Tastefully furnished with natural lighting and direct access into the historical granite hills, Rooms 5 offers families or friends a chance to relax and enjoy nature together, without feeling crowded.

Room 7
Room 7, cleverly hidden away and elevated amongst the rocks and wilderness, shows ingenious use of space and light, with a relaxing bath looking out over a precipice. Offering ideal seclusion whilst still giving direct access to the surrounding wilderness, Room 7 is suitable for both couples wanting a romantic getaway and single travellers looking for privacy.

Room 8
The San Suite, our Room 8, is one of our most popular and sought after rooms. With ingenious architecture and incorporation of the natural granite boulders, Room 8 allows travellers to be at one with nature. The Loo with a View is the only one of its kind at Amalinda Lodge, with epic scenery out across the countryside. The room is also home to an original San Bushman painting, making your stay fell authentic and natural.



Amalinda Lodge offers gourmet cuisine, with both buffet and cooked breakfast, along with a 2-course lunch & 3-course dinner. Meals can be enjoyed at a communal Captain’s Table, alongside fellow guests and guides in the true African-style. Guests can experience a truly unique dining experience, beneath the vast African sky, with views across the countryside rich in local fauna and flora and serenaded by the sounds of the wild. There’s nothing like the African wilderness to work up a healthy appetite.

Rhino Tracking – The Matobo Hills is one of the last Bastions of both Black and White Rhinos in Africa. Rhino tracking by vehicle or on foot with our skilled and knowledgeable guides is one of the most unforgettable safari experiences you will ever encounter.

Historical Excursion – Explore the hills where mysterious nomads once help their sacred ceremonies and learn about their trials and tribulations, hopes and aspirations. The rocky granite topography boasts more than 2000 sites of the San (Bushman) tribes and is probably the richest source of rock art known.

My beautiful Home – Bicycle ride – A well-plotted and carefully planned cycle route through the villages and rural homes in the Matopos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an opportunity to touch the very essence of rural life and feel the warm heart and soul of Zimbabwe.

Walks & Hikes – Walkes & Hikes around the lodge and on the property is entirely safe. You might bump into a warthog, or some grazing Zebra, Kudu, Klipspringer, Impala or Wildebeest while out and about. For the birders among you, this is a birders’ paradise with a vast variety of birdlife to explore.

Cecil John Rhodes Grave Site – Drive between giant granite boulders and lush bush to the rocky outcrop where you will find the gravesite of Cecil John Rhodes. Visit his world-famous tomb known as “View of the world”. It is a Historical experience not to be forgotten quickly. One can see why it was his dying wish to be buried here.

The Railway Museum – The National Railway Museum in Bulawayo is one of the largest of its kind in Africa. One of nearly every locomotive, waggon and carriage ever used by the National Railways of Zimbabwe is on display.


There are few places, where you can lie beneath a canopy of rocks that emanate an energy which is almost tangible. A mystical spirituality about the Matobo Hills calms, refreshes and rejuvenates the soul. Allow us to enhance this feeling of well-being at Amalinda Lodge’s Safari Spa. Drift away on crisp linen, whilst the scents of Ancient African aromas swirl under the canopy of thatch and rock. Drops of aromatherapy oils are added to generous amounts of carrot and nut oil for that exclusive and private massage by our expert in-house masseuse. Spoil yourself with a full Body Massage, Back and neck Massage, Hot Rock Massage, Manicure or Pedicure.