Welcome to Rwanda – the land of a thousand hills and a million stories. For generations, its lush landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality have attracted travellers from near and far. From its verdant volcanoes and majestic montane forests to its sweeping plains, Rwanda has something for every explorer. Step into its breathtaking nature for up-close encounters with playful mountain gorillas or take in a stunning sunset on the shores of Lake Kivu. Experience traditional music, cuisines, and crafts while visiting local villages. Whatever your journey is here, you are sure to be charmed by this remarkable place.

The awe-inspiring beauty of Rwanda is unparalleled. With dramatic vistas around every corner, this small East African country never fails to captivate. From lush jungles to the majestic mountains that form the Albertine Rift, visitors of all ages and interests are sure to find something special here. Amidst gorgeous natural surroundings, visitors can enjoy complete peace of mind thanks to the country’s excellent safety record; it was recently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world by the World Economic Forum. And with an extensive road network connecting all areas, it is easier than ever to explore all its wonders in one amazing trip.

Things to do

From gorilla trekking safaris to thrilling cultural experiences, our passionate local guides offer a unique insight into the vibrant culture, stunning landscape, wildlife and amazing history that makes Rwanda so special.  Whether you’re looking for an adventurous excursion through lush rainforests or simply wanting to experience genuine African hospitality, our highly knowledgeable team will create the perfect itinerary that captures your wildest dreams.


• Lush rain forest & canopy walkways
• Gorillas & Chimps
• Volcano peaks & Lakes
• Kigali Genocide Memorial
• Handicraft & Art
• Lake Kivu
• 1000 Hills Distillery

By Air: Rwanda’s international airport, Kigali International Airport (KGL) is located on the eastern edge and is about a 20 minute drive to the main capital city, Kigali whose national airline is  RwandAir.  It connects the capital city with many international destinations such as London, Dubai, Brussels, China, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.  It also flies to the following African countries, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Harare and Lusaka.

By Taxi Bus:  These can be found all over the country.  They get you from City-City. There are no set hours and the driver’s decide to call it a day on their own accord.  Paying occurs inside the taxi bus.

By Taxi Bus-Express:  These buses leave at set times and you would need to purchase a ticket prior to leaving at the ticket office.

By City Express:  These buses are slightly smaller and you will only find them in Kigali and takes you from Kigali to the smaller spots in the city.  This is also a cheaper mode of transportations.   They do sometimes stop on the side of the road for 5 minutes to fill up as they drop off passengers.

By Taxi-Auto:  This is recognized as the western ‘Taxi’. They are usually white colour and at most times you can recognize them by the taxi sign. They can be quite costly and sometimes the driver does not know directions, try to have an idea as to how to get to where you need to be by researching well known landmarks near to where you need to go which will help the driver understand your destination.

By Taxi-Moto:  A very fun and cheap way to get around, however not always the safest form of transportation.


Rwanda exhibits variety quite of culture.  Unlike many other African countries, it has been a unified state since precolonial times, populated by the Banyarwanda people who share a cultural heritage and a single language.  Umuganda, which is the last Saturday of each month, and also national day of community service, on these Saturdays most normal services close down.  Both music and dance are an important part of the culture, and an integral part of Rwandan ceremonies, social gatherings, storytelling and festivals.  Traditionally, music is transmitted by singing or using vocals and differs between the various social groups. Drums are also very important, the royal drummers having enjoyed high status within the court of the mwami. Playing drums together in groups of seven or nine, it really is an magical experience not only to your ears but visually stimulating.

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