Welcome to Hurawalhi Island Resort, a private paradise located in the pristine Lhaviyani Atoll of the Maldives. This intimate and exclusive resort is the perfect match for couples looking for both serenity and excitement. At Hurawalhi Island Resort, you can begin each day exploring an array of exotic sights and experiences – from breathtakingly beautiful marine life to romantic beachside sunset dinners. Relax in luxurious comfort knowing you’re surrounded by unrivaled natural beauty and adventure. To enhance your stay, indulge in a world-class spa experience or work up an appetite while kayaking or snorkeling. Whether seeking romance or relaxation, you’ll find it at Hurawalhi Island Resort – an oasis that will leave you feeling recharged and inspired!

Escape to where the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean meet the powdery white sand beaches of Hurawalhi Island, a luxurious 90-villa resort that offers adults a paradise like no other. An oasis of barefoot bliss at its very best, here you can indulge in intoxicatingly beautiful design, first-class hospitality and some of the most picturesque views on earth. At Hurawalhi, you’ll be treated to exquisite luxuries such as 5-star dining experiences, world-class spas and private beachside villas – all while taking in breathtaking natural beauty. For an unforgettable escape into a world of unparalleled indulgence and romance, look no further than Hurawalhi Island Maldives!




An awe-inspiring backdrop and contemporary design unite in the Ocean Pool Villa to make your long-lived fascination with over-water luxury a reality. Be swept away by your private retreat perched graciously above the shimmering Indian Ocean and feel the magic of the Maldives. This emblematic villa conveys a picture-perfect scene: the spacious and sleek interior leads to a refined sundeck from which you can slip into the emerald lagoon, and let your mind wander during cherished moments spent in your very own infinity pool.

These villas ensure a space filled with privacy and tranquillity, where time slows down and couples truly connect. The Romantic Ocean Villa boasts a soaking tub on the deck, offering the perfect end to the day against a symphony of colour as the sunsets. Wonder at exquisite, undisturbed views of the Indian Ocean from the spacious sundeck and take delight in having the utmost luxury on stilts over the glittering ocean all to yourselves. A heavenly hideaway, ideal for honeymooners, couples and all others who wish to live like royalty during their dream holiday in the Maldives.

Get a glimpse of living the high life by indulging and unwinding in an Ocean Villa. This over-water accommodation is bringing opulent design to the striking natural beauty that Hurawalhi is known for. Celebrate luxury and embrace nature on your doorstep: take a dip in the ocean straight from your sundeck, and let the gentle lapping of the waves beneath your villa create a sense of serenity and tranquility in what is to be wrapped up as your most exquisite holiday.

The search for the elusive gastronomical heaven appears to be over: the spectacular 5.8 dazzles and delights diners with a multi-course tasting extravaganza, garnished with a state-of-the-art location. 5.8 is as much a fine dining culinary delight as it is an extraordinary design masterpiece – paired, you can sate your appetite and dive into the pleasure of having a view that but a few restaurants in the world afford. Experience the Maldives’ trendiest restaurant – and the world’s largest underwater dining venue – and sample the many flavours of the exquisite cuisine at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant at your favourite time of the day. Hurawalhi’s iconic fine dining restaurant serves a combination of gracious location and inventive dishes for lunch and dinner. Menus are indicative and can vary based on season and chef’s current culinary inspiration.










A sizzling fusion of Asian cuisine and incredible views. The contemporary Kashibo Restaurant (kashibo is Dhivehi for sea urchin) hits the spot with a picture-perfect setting and a divine dining menu in equal measure. Indulge in highlights of Asian street food and pamper your palate with everything you love about Chinese, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine, among other, and enjoy a range of seafood staples and vegetarian dishes.An Asian cocktail menu of world-class standard will be vying for your attention with the unmissable shochu cocktails that you can sip on while reclining in the shade during the day’s hottest hours or when the night falls and lights illuminate the ocean and reef sharks and rays make an appearance.From its staggering sea view by day to the romantic flickering of candlelight by night, Kashibo’s atmosphere is the perfect pairing to its extensive selection of aromas from around Asia.

Main, buffet-style restaurant boasts an array of the finest cuisine. The tantalising aromas. The sizzling of the food. The atmosphere. Canneli will impress you with all of these, and spice things up with themed evening, allowing you to sample various international cuisine during your stay. The restaurant is a melting pot of flavours and people, creating a contemporary and relaxed dining experience. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all culinary occasions where one can take delight in mouth-watering creations prepared with only the finest of ingredients. Canneli, which stands for ‘yellowfin tuna’ in Dhivehi, has both indoor and outdoor seating options, the latter being especially charming at breakfast when occasional dolphins may pass by in the distance.

Soak up the serene beauty of Hurawalhi.This romantic, ocean-side hideaway is perfect for intimate pre-dinner rendezvous, made complete by sipping on a glass of champagne and savouring the luscious canapés and petit fours. Adding allure are captivating views of Dream Island – Hurawalhi’s private sandbank that pierces the ocean’s blue and creates a beautiful, if not a surreal sight.Relish the surreal spectacular of nature. At Hurawalhi, time is left at the door and one can relish the little things in life. Nature bestows the Maldives with some awe-inspiring sunsets, which can be best admired from the resort’s westernmost spot – the Champagne Pavilion. But this is not the only natural wonder that can be experienced here – dolphins make regular appearance and with a bit of luck, they will not only rush past, but may put on a spectacular spinning, twisting and jumping performance. Wedding ceremonies at the Champagne Pavilion. Lovebirds can grant themselves a wish and exchange or renew their vows amidst the pristine beauty of Hurawalhi. A simple yet stunning wedding ceremony at the amorous Champagne Pavilion will set your heart racing and inevitably add an unsparing amount of sparkle to your relationship.


Treat yourself to a world of pure relaxation and harmony at Hurawalhi’s Sulha Spa. Located on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, this oasis of peace and wellbeing provides unmatched treatments to restore balance and happiness to body and soul.
Immerse yourself in the depths of tranquility with Sulha Spa’s holistic approach to beauty; choose from an array of massages, baths, facials, wraps, yoga classes, meditation and ayurveda therapies, all designed to center your mind, body and spirit. Find total restoration while surrounded by stunning ocean views as you enter an unforgettable journey towards joyful living.


Take a dive into the crystal clear waters off Hurawalhi and explore the marvelous underwater world of the Maldives, a playground with endless possibilities. Surround yourself with vibrant coral gardens that host an array of marine life ranging from reef sharks to manta rays. It’s no wonder this is one of the Indian Ocean’s best year-round diving destinations!
Discover the breathtaking beauty and serenity of this place like you’ve never done before. Make sure not to miss out on all the amazing species that come together here, as well as magical sights located just steps away from Hurawalhi!
Immerse yourself in a world of tropical luxury at Hurawalhi, the crown jewel of the Lhaviyani Atoll. Set amongst some of the world’s most beautiful lagoons and coral reefs, visitors can experience nature’s wonders both on and off shore with friendly reef sharks, sea turtles, and – if luck is on your side – majestic manta rays all within arm’s reach.
Dive deep into this stunning paradise, with its award-winning facilities providing everything from romantic dinners under the stars to a glorious beachfront spa offering rejuvenating treatments inspired by Maldivian traditions. At Hurawalhi you can truly escape reality and experience an unforgettable holiday that is as Enthusiastic as it is mesmerizing.


Explore an underwater world beyond your wildest dreams at Hurawalhi! Our world-renowned coral reefs are home to thousands of vibrant fish and hundreds of shimmering coral, making it the perfect environment for snorkelling.
Experience a five star snorkelling adventure with our seasonal Manta Mania—swim alongside these graceful giant fish as they glide through the crystal clear waters. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced snorkeller, you won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience here at Hurawalhi!


At Hurawalhi, a dreamlike destination nestled in the heart of one of the Maldives’ most magical lagoons, a world-class house reef awaits. Only a few kicks away from the resort, its depths are teeming with marine life and vibrant coral.
Home to turtles, manta rays and a wide variety of beautiful tropical fish, the house reef is an underwater playground that will captivate divers and snorkelers alike. Experienced professionals provide guidance on entry/exit points and safety protocols so everyone can explore at their leisure – leaving time to marvel at the natural wonders that lie beneath.


For anyone looking to explore the underwater glories of the Maldives, there’s no better place to start than at our snorkelling sessions. Our expert guides will help you become a pro in no time: teaching you about everything from the basics of snorkeling and showing you all the best entry points to the house reef, so that you can have an incredible snorkeling experience.
Our guides have a wealth of local knowledge, which they are more than happy to share with visitors, so that they can make the most of their time under the waves. With our guidance and instruction, you will be able to fully appreciate and enjoy this fabulous environment that has been specially created for your enjoyment.


Discover the vibrant beauty and fascinating biodiversity of the Maldives with a visit to Hurawalhi Marine Biology Center, located on beautiful Lhaviyani Atoll. Led by an experienced resident marine biologist, this one-of-a-kind center offers visitors insight into the captivating coral reefs and diverse marine life of the region.
The crystal clear waters provide aquarium-like conditions for over 2000 species of fish that call this area home. Join us as we explore the reef sharks and manta rays that grace our shores daily, or marvel in awe at the playful dolphins that come around every so often to put on a show. You can also observe turtles and learn more about reef conservation programs in close cooperation with Prodivers Maldives.
From salty coastal breezes to stunning sunshine and everywhere in between, Hurawalhi Marine Biology Center is here to share our passion for the ocean while providing you with an unforgettable experience!


Hurawalhi is home to one of the world’s most magical and unique spots of ocean exploration – an environment that has been kept pristine for centuries. With its resident marine biologist, Hurawalhi offers a special window into this aquatic wonderland, with a host of activities and education designed to help make guests realise just how important preserving the fragile coral reef ecosystem is.
Led by a professional from the Manta Trust, and armed with a thorough knowledge of the Maldives’ extraordinary marine life, guests can take part in research on manta ray sightings, enjoyable workshops and educational trips that shed light on the importance of conservation. This priceless experience at Hurawalhi is an inspiring reminder of just how beautiful – and fragile – our natural world truly is.


At Hurawalhi, we’re dedicated to creating the perfect setting for your special moments and memories. Surrounded by an idyllic dream-like landscape complete with pristine white sandy beaches and lush tropical foliage, you’ll find it easy to treasure the time spent here.
To ensure that these precious moments live on forever, Hurawalhi proudly offers a professional photo session with Pix Maldives. Whether it’s your honeymoon, wedding or renewal of vows ceremony – our expert photographers will be ready to capture all the beauty and emotion of your day in its full glory.
Let us create something truly unforgettable for you!


Are you an adventurer looking to explore the wild and wonderful beauty that the Hurawalhi Maldives has to offer? Let Charter Bella be your passport to a unique, unforgettable experience – where your dreams of discovery can come true.

The perfect luxury yacht for your journey, Charter Bella offers an exclusive opportunity to explore pristine crystal blue waters and take in breath-taking vistas from her decks. Feel free to choose from either a few hours or spend a day on this impeccably designed vessel – while we provide bespoke excursions and experiences tailored exclusively for you.
So let go of worries, set aside time, and follow us as we sail off to create something truly extraordinary together – only on Charter Bella.


For a once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience, come to Hurawalhi – the ultimate Maldives paradise for lovebirds seeking an unforgettable getaway.
Experience the beauty of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that make this tropical oasis one of nature’s most picturesque locations. Enjoy a variety of romantic excursions, from swimming with manta rays to sunset cruises and scuba diving among coral reefs. For added enchantment, visit Dream Island – Hurawalhi’s private island perfect for your own secluded beach escape!

Dream big and let Hurawalhi make it happen.


Experience the adventure of Hurawalhi, one of the most beautiful atolls in the world. Join a fishing excursion and explore the turquoise waters of the atoll where you can try your luck at catching a wide variety of fish species.

Take in the breathtaking views and soak up the sunshine while you reel in your catch. After catching your dinner, cook it up with whatever spices and flavors you want for a truly unique experience. Gather around with friends and family to enjoy an unforgettable day out on the sea with plenty of laughter and great stories to tell!


Welcome to Hurawalhi – a unique paradise where you can immerse yourself in tailor-made experiences that are exquisitely yours. Our Maldives resort offers every type of luxury, from stunningly appointed villas and exquisite dining through to a host of indulgent spa treatments and exciting water sports.

At Hurawalhi, our team of excursion specialists knows exactly how to make your dream holiday come true; they’ll craft bespoke itineraries according to your exact wishes, interests and timetable. Revel in activities like snorkeling the coral reefs, scuba-diving with whale sharks or simply taking it easy on one of the island’s pristine beaches. Everything is designed for maximum pleasure, so you can turn each moment into an unforgettable memory.