Let us introduce you to the best of travel. As a top local Tour Operator, we understand what it takes to make your dream trip happen. With access to special rates and discounts, our team of experts is geared up and ready to help you explore the world at an affordable price. We strive for convenience, comfort, and efficiency.

Travel smarter with the destination experts at African Sky of Diamonds Tours & Safaris. We understand that when it comes to planning a trip, people look for knowledgeable advice and great deals. That’s why we partner with local tour operators around the world, who have real insights into the best attractions and experiences that each place has to offer. We don’t just deliver competitive rates – we also provide personal service from travel experts who understand what makes each destination special. Whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled getaway or simply want to relax in paradise, let us show you the way!

This experience-based travel company specializes in creating personalized tours that help travellers discover the unique culture and beauty of their destination. Each tour is tailored to the interests of the individual, as knowledgeable tour guides get to know the guests personally and understand their likes and dislikes. Whether exploring hidden gems, sampling local cuisine, or taking part in thrilling activities, they offer a unique way to make every trip memorable.

Plus, they provide something OTAs don’t—the human interaction of in-person interactions that build connections and increase credibility for visitors looking for an authentic experience.

What do we offer you:

  • One-stop shop for all your travel needs in Africa
  • Credit Card Payment Facilities (VISA, MASTER & AMEX)
  • Deposits and payment plans
  • We offer a commission on all packages sold
  • Fully branded Word and electronic Itineraries
  • 24 Hour support
  • Training in your destinations

With an unsurpassed selection of beautiful lodges and camps, tour operators, and professional travel services at our fingertips, we offer you the highest quality at competitive rates.

You can expect knowledgeable service, from the booking of your flights to your accommodation, guided tours, and any of your bucket list travel items.

Our motto is “Exceeding Expectations”, and we look forward to helping you plan your next African adventure and making your dreams become a reality.

We are looking forward to building a long-standing relationship with you and providing your clients with the ultimate African Safari.

After all, Africa is so much more than just a safari Destination



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