Children, from a young age, are often enchanted by the natural world. Any chance to see those animals and learn about life in their natural habitat can make for an incredible family safari. Getting into the wild sometimes involves a significant amount of travel, and exercising a considerable amount of patience from both parents.

African Sky of Diamonds Tours & Safaris offers an unforgettable way for families to explore and experience the wilds of Africa. With experienced leaders guiding you every step of the way, our tours are designed to ensure even younger members of the family can explore and discover the wonders this incredible continent has to offer in comfort and safety.

Taking the family on a safari may seem daunting, to say the least, but with the proper planning, it can be the trip of a lifetime and we are here to help.


Consider a trip to a game park in your next family vacation or scheduling a day trip to a nearby one before making a full-fledged safari reservation. A game park is a protected place where wild animals can live naturally, although they are usually more approachable and prepared for day visitors.

By going to a game park, you may observe how long your kids can tolerate viewing wild animals and understand how you might manage periods waiting in a truck for something to happen. A wonderful spot to attempt this is South Africa, where you can combine wildlife parks with viewing the penguins at Boulder Beach and touring the Garden Route.


Some safari lodges may not accept children less than a specific age, which is often 12. In some circumstances, it may be younger, because of the safety concerns associated with wild animals near the camp or lodge. At African Sky of Diamonds, we will select the perfect camp or lodge for you. We will choose camps and lodges that accept kids on a safari excursion. Some lodges even offer special kiddie safaris that are shorter than normal game safaris and geared toward smaller children. Family-friendly might mean different things to different people, so choosing us means that we will provide itineraries designed specifically for families or that have been recommended by other families.


Plan the vacation with the whole family, and before you travel, read up on the nation’s history, the locations you’ll be visiting, the animals, and other things you hope to see. While you’re there, it becomes significantly more intriguing. Take pictures, keep a family journal, and gather scrapbook supplies to create an album as a family when you come home. At the same time as you make an heirloom, you’ll save precious family memories.


In many regions of Africa, the warm, dry season, which lasts from roughly December to April, is the best time to watch animals since the grass is short, the sky is clear, and the weather is typically dry. The greatest months for seeing the most game are February, March, September, and October, according to Kenyan experts. However, they also emphasize that the other months, April and May, which are the rainiest, are good.


Some people may think that making the reservation a year in advance is best. The truth is that depending on the number of travellers, the lodge/camp size, and the time of year you want to travel, your reservation might last anywhere from a month to a year (or even longer, for some). Booking a year in advance is not essential if you are travelling alone or with a partner, most likely for an anniversary or a honeymoon. Unless you have your heart set on a specific location, lodge, and dates and view these parameters as non-negotiable, one month or even a few weeks of advance notice is typically plenty.

Also, keep in mind that levelling expectations will go more smoothly the more time you have to prepare. There is a drawback to making reservations so early, though. A year is a long time, and we have no idea what will occur at that time. However, if you have your heart set on a specific day, event, or hotel and you are determined to prevent needless disappointments, book it as soon as possible.